New in InstallBuilder

The new InstallBuilder greatly improves building and installing performance when using the new LZMA-ulta compression algorithm. This improvement is achieved by parallelizing the process making use of your multiple CPU cores.

It also allows signing your OS X and Windows installers from any of Windows, OS X or Linux platforms.

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Improved Building and Installation Performance

InstallBuilder takes its LZMA Ultra compression algorith one step further by allowing it to use all your machine CPU cores. You will now be able to make use of the full potential of your machine.

It now only makes use of the parallelization when building but also when installing so the installation time will be also dramatically decreased when installing in a multicore machine

Multiplatform Windows and OS X signing

InstallBuilder allows signing your OS X and Windows installers from any of OS X, Windows and Linux platforms. You no longer need to copy your OS X installers to an OS X machine just to sign them.

DMG creation

The most common way used to deliver applications on OS X is using DMG files. InstallBuilder is now able to automatically generate DMG files for your application from Windows, OS X and Linux platfroms. It also allows setting up a background image to get a more professional look and feel.