InstallBuilder for Java

Quickly Package Crossplatform Java® Applications with InstallBuilder

InstallBuilder makes building installers for your cross platform Java application fast and easy.

Our solution includes everything you need to create installers for Java-based applications, including bundling your own JVM or using the installed Java, shipping your JAR files and creating native Java launchers on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

It allows you to package both desktop and server applications, create services and make sure your application is started at system boot or user login.

InstallBuilder includes a wide range of features that simplify installer development, including Java-specific functionality, such as the ability to:

  • Easily bundle a JVM with your application
  • Automatically detect existing Java installations in the user's system
  • Allow the user to select which JVM to use with your software
  • Create native launchers with support for specifying Java options and passing arguments from the command line
  • Create and manage native services on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Unlike competing products, InstallBuilder installers:

  • Do not require a self-extraction step. This speeds the installation process and reduces the potential for memory-related errors.
  • Can be customized using built-in actions. You don't have to write a single line of Java code to develop sophisticated installers.
  • Are defined by 'human-friendly' XML project files. The file structure makes it easy to edit installers by hand and integrate them into version control and automated build systems.

InstallBuilder was designed with a mantra similar to Java's 'build once, run anywhere' approach. Installers for every platform can be generated from one project file and build environment, making it easy to integrate installer generation into your version control system and nightly build process. Best of all, the generated installers have a truly native look and feel across all supported platforms, making a great first impression on new users.

To learn more about InstallBuilder, view screenshots by clicking on the thumbnails on the feature list or download a copy for evaluation now.