Open Source Licenses

Get a Free License for your Open Source Project

InstallBuilder founders come from an open source background. Our goal is to make both commercial and Open Source software easier to install and use in multiple platforms.

We believe our installers can greatly improve the adoption of Linux and Open Source software, especially among end-users that come from a Windows background. In that spirit, we offer full-featured licenses to open source projects.

Requirements to apply for a free license:

  • Your project must meet the Open Source Initiative definition of Open Source.
  • The license can only be used to build installers for your project.
  • The license cannot be transferred or used for commercial purposes.

If you have a freely-distributable project that does not meet the OSI guidelines, such as certain games for Linux, please contact us as well.

Making our installer freely available to Open Source projects is one of the ways we give back to the community. We have found that in return we get valuable feedback, feature suggestions and bug reports from Open Source users, so it works out well for everybody. In that respect we would like to thank the following individuals from the community that have helped us with testing, suggestions and translations for our installers: Alvaro Iradier, Alberto Diaz, Reiner Jung, Cheng-Lin Yang, Linux Master Jedi, Emmanuel Chauveau, Daniel C., Luis Filipe, Fernando Verdu Castillo, Harry Vennik, Arny, Rhoslyn Prys, Ullar Pajus, Janus Vidalis.

Request an open source license

To request an open source license, contact our sales team at [email protected].