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You can download a fully-functional evaluation copy of InstallBuilder by clicking on the links below. Specifications and support information are also available for your reference. Please click here for installation instructions.

Is your application developed with Qt®? If so, check out InstallBuilder for Qt.

InstallBuilder 23 Multiplatform (Enterprise)

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (x86/PPC/x64/ia64/s390), FreeBSD, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX and Solaris. Each one of the downloads below allows you to create installers for all these platforms from a single build environment and project file.

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md5a1d89278a2c3ba67e8e2a2cb64a07129 175M Download
Linux 64bits md5070b60c3b798341f7e4e23b177d7baf3 173M Download
OS X md533a02e83dbf1c043f56cc2fc45cc255a 209M Download
Windows md513328cfbb360385a77126eda639b7965 175M Download
Windows 64bits md5ae37975977ceed11f4009edf929cfaf9 179M Download
Aix md5825ba98a1124f69bf350dc2d01ea5c11 154M Download
Freebsd md5dcfa389ab20d34e0ab3a218c27dc2c19 153M Download
Freebsd4 md5830c9eccfb4bc91adcbbfd359322c1bd 154M Download
Freebsd6 md5fa669dc17c9c868719bf2299ed932b1a 153M Download
Freebsd664 md56c87cc1c7367e499e0a14e7108ac4d91 153M Download
Freebsd7 md5c103877ca766c50a470c079775b6b1c9 154M Download
Freebsd764 md50a55168068a5f6a05e87fe11e2cfd903 154M Download
Hpux md573d84c897e74869b5dc621999b925ec4 154M Download
Irix-n32 md585475fb83338b6367687f92a9f1a1809 153M Download
Linux-ia64 md53f2627d6c37b987f1b76c65f0aafc3ae 156M Download
Linux-ppc md52d2f0a20f98e74fd7bee1daabcea9b68 154M Download
Linux-s390 md57b73866f02e158e50cfea1c4cf01d81c 155M Download
Openbsd3 md500479d0f297c3b094fc8a4e21c518cc8 153M Download
Solaris-intel md54aa7ece76030d0170702e8e5b538658b 153M Download
Solaris-sparc md53e5146185f161a5785aaf7f096595ae4 156M Download
Linux-arm64 md5a05d3f98bc34b2407dcb3b35d2c740de 171M Download
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InstallBuilder 23 Multiplatform (Professional)

Available for the most popular development environments: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (x86/PPC/x64). Each one of the downloads below allows you to create installers for all these platforms from a single build environment and project file.

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md5976254ca56000ed4d0b2898efe27f967 152M Download
Linux 64bits md550dc2169fce68e0236a22c09b39ad247 152M Download
OS X md54f78456fc33701cec4730b40fa8a771a 180M Download
Windows md5cc5086fc97962ca6b6895407799e4d65 156M Download
Windows 64bits md5611248b236d9131afc4a225076cfc5d1 156M Download
Linux-ppc md529b56f0f1362d7db24462056e170147b 100M Download
Linux-arm64 md53800112681caf9a84fbfdfab19ec5d16 152M Download
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InstallBuilder 23 For Windows

Allows you to create Windows installers.

Platform Checksum Size
Windows md53e8206b4aa2c82124166e4100329f9ff 83M Download
Windows 64bits md52751e555362b9242fbaa4387b84f9a97 84M Download

InstallBuilder 23 For OS X

Allows you to create Mac OS X installers that work in both PPC and Intel architectures.

Platform Checksum Size
OS X md5fd9708a6fe3da34e2133ffa74a759ac7 124M Download

InstallBuilder 23 For Linux

Allows you to create Linux x86 and Linux x64 installers.

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md59f34de969d227f89e4c1d18d42212432 85M Download
Linux 64bits md5d997e34d1caf56fcfbb70c6ba757e655 87M Download