At InstallBuilder, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding support to our customers. When you purchase an InstallBuilder license or renew your maintenance contract, you are entitled to one year of Email Support

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Support Testimonials

If the above resources don't provide the answer your question, contact our support team using sending an email to [email protected]. We make every attempt to respond to all support requests within 12 hours during business days, and most requests are answered within just a few hours. Here's what a few of our customers have to say about our support:

When we've needed support, we've been delighted by the InstallBuilder support team's remarkably rapid response, often in minutes rather than hours or days.
Matthew GilbertManaging Director, LimitState Ltd
The InstallBuilder support team knows how to deliver great support and when you're talking about something as important as your products installer, nothing less will do.
Ian LandsmanFounder and President, UserScape
The InstallBuilder support team is also very responsive on questions and suggestions, providing excellent support, which allows us to focus on our own development.
Tom GhyselinckSoftware Developer, Excentis N.V
More important than its technical achievement is the support that comes with your product. Every question I've asked has been answered in a prompt and complete fashion... Requests for enhancements have been considered graciously and the InstallBuilder support team has always treated me respectfully regardless of whether the answers to my questions were obvious or subtle. I heartily recommend InstallBuilder.
Gary WernsingSenior Software Engineer, JEOL USA, Inc
Their superb after sales service helped us get up to speed with the builder product quickly and our support team never had to deal with failing installers: InstallBuilder technology just works.
Paul RuizendaalPresident, Janus Software
Another reason that made us realize that InstallBuilder was the right choice for our needs was the quality of the technical support and the kindness and professionalism that the InstallBuilder Team has demonstrated in all the stages of our projects, and everything at an extremely competitive price.
Abdul PallarésR&D Engineer, Concatel
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