Download InstallBuilder for Qt

You can download a fully-functional evaluation copy of InstallBuilder by clicking on the links below. Specifications and support information are also available for your reference. Please click here for installation instructions.

InstallBuilder 23 Multiplatform (Enterprise)

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md510a2850c9a4c3f1fa97ca0aca7920f96 223M Download
Linux 64bits md52349517be05abc2d6ad24bcea64a125b 223M Download
OS X md5e381daa0faacd5191ec6b4a11d90124e 258M Download
Windows md584d87f921cea0e126325328ad1e1466d 225M Download
Windows 64bits md573c390985e4ef40859a9f6840f605802 227M Download
Aix md5bc49fb16710b84fce0ea8091c3380d56 190M Download
Freebsd md5419416c8ff979c5561a5742f7470566b 189M Download
Freebsd4 md5b987c045a7ef6a94c857b3b757f537dc 190M Download
Freebsd6 md51fc80e138b924895b4ce802b64b8eb41 189M Download
Freebsd664 md5aa4842300ac3d27631232df6902bdf15 189M Download
Freebsd7 md58f153e9372d0fcbda04f3a0669050bee 190M Download
Freebsd764 md5083dc820260d58c8caea7bdeb12c3a89 190M Download
Hpux md55f210ec055bf36a84617244e875a1fcb 190M Download
Irix-n32 md5d8682c273b5abb5b53b9d3e7517a7099 189M Download
Linux-ia64 md5a4d167c261a735ac2e9b6cdeeb05fbca 192M Download
Linux-ppc md56a7a073c194ec5001f2d2cd96f7975eb 190M Download
Linux-s390 md52bf5eef6ddf023a8414f6e532647088d 191M Download
Openbsd3 md5f58ef2f49b694c150e03ac6dd2576377 189M Download
Solaris-intel md5dc615f538aa8d6bd764c7d61c0c6b9b6 189M Download
Solaris-sparc md5ba537c77160524004bfe7b8d9e89bde3 192M Download
Linux-arm64 md593f2c6cd211e4c59d5c0857f3878953b 220M Download
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InstallBuilder 23 Multiplatform (Professional)

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md5119f55955f8dd08a48c56fa9c0babe48 194M Download
Linux 64bits md5b66790ca78c461f763d6c6fdb3dbc4da 189M Download
OS X md5904710addef7063c29617dbe6a1059b7 239M Download
Windows md5b6e4a0bcb8b8c5e655376539504b04a7 190M Download
Windows 64bits md57c580ab0bd71539bc3d035ce46314406 193M Download
Linux-arm64 md599679469c6e8051a9068a863bb68fcb1 192M Download
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InstallBuilder 23 For Windows

Allows you to create Windows installers.

Platform Checksum Size
Windows md5a2e52019d706044612a2c1cc50efcc57 106M Download
Windows 64bits md5eacf2bb6880a31780d7e508255a1a425 102M Download

InstallBuilder 23 For OS X

Allows you to create Mac OS X installers that work in both PPC and Intel architectures.

Platform Checksum Size
OS X md59a4a68d1961969bf6f0a2713150a78a1 147M Download

InstallBuilder 23 For Linux

Allows you to create Linux x86 and Linux x64 installers.

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md501b02905f5099f31d77ab14f3bb675c6 92M Download
Linux 64bits md50af80929aa1c1e55dea59213f1ef9d81 94M Download