Welcome to InstallBuilder!

Getting Started

We hope that you enjoy using InstallBuilder to build multiplatform installers for your software. Whether you are already a customer or are evaluating InstallBuilder for use within your organization, you can count on the following resources to assist you with your development:

Reference Documentation

Every InstallBuilder download includes an HTML document ("Reference Documentation") that includes a list of available actions, rules and parameters. Documentation for using the tool to deliver updates to your customers is included in a separate directory (autoupdate). The reference documentation file can be found inside the docs file in the InstallBuilder directory.

User Guide

Every InstallBuilder download includes a User Guide. You can find the User Guide in the docs folder inside of the InstallBuilder directory.

Code Examples

Example code for adding action lists, components such as MySQL, Apache and PHP, and additional pages to your installer can be found in the Example file in the InstallBuilder directory.


If you aren't able to find answers to your questions in the resources above, our support team will be happy to assist you. Please send support requests to: [email protected]. You can also use our Help Desk to submit your request.

Thank you for choosing InstallBuilder!