Q: Can InstallBuilder generate installers from the command line?

Can I create and launch installers from console ?


Yes, InstallBuilder has a command line interface that allows you to automate and integrate installer creation with your own build process. If you want to build installers from the command line for different platforms, use:

path/to/installbuilder/bin/builder build /path/to/project.xml

You can specify the target platform to build the installer for. This allows you to generate installers for all platforms from a single build environment. For example, you can generate a Windows installer while running on Linux with the following command line:

path/to/installbuilder/bin/builder build project.xml windows

You can specify any of the following values for platform: linux, windows, osx, solaris-sparc, solaris-intel, linux-x64, linux-ia64, linux-ppc, linux-s390, freebsd5, freebsd6, freebsd, freebsd4, openbsd3, hpux, aix, irix-n32, and cdrom.

If you are running on OS X you will need to do something like the following:

path/to/installbuilder/bin/ build project.xml windows

On Windows, using c:\Path\to\InstallBuilder\bin\builder-cli.exe project.xml will work without any issue. You need to use builder-cli.exe instead of builder.exe, as builder.exe was compiled as a GUI application, no progress will be displayed.