Q: Can InstallBuilder create CDROM installers?

Is InstallBuilder capable of creating CDROM installers ?


Yes, you can create CDROM installers that share files among installers. Select "Multiplatform CDROM" as "Build Platform" in the "Packaging screen" of InstallBuilder. You also have the option of running the installation from the CD automatically.

The following options that you can set inside the project XML file may be of interest when creating a CDROM installer:

<cdromFirstDiskSize> : size (in bytes) of the first CDROM (default value: 650000000)

<cdromDiskSize> : size (in bytes) for the remaining CDROMS (default value: 700000000)

<cdromPlatforms> : space-separated list of platforms that the CDROM installer will support.

<cdromDirectory> : Name of the directory that will contain the CDROM files created by the build process (defaults to '${product_shortname}-${product_version}-cdrom')

<compressPackedFiles> : compress files as they are packed into the installer file or CDROM media (defaults to '0'). This is useful for the CDROM installers, as they have a dist/ folder where all the files to be installed are stored. Setting this option makes 'dist' a file that has packed all the files inside it.

For instance, if you want to create a DVD instead of a CD-ROM, the values would be: