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As you might know in May 2019 BitRock was acquired by VMware Inc. Due to that, this week we have implemented a few changes you should know about. To start, you can now find the InstallBuilder website at Starting from version 20.2.2 InstallBuilder has been renamed to VMWare InstallBuilder. While the software can still be downloaded from the InstallBuilder website, from now on licenses need to be purchased trough the official VMWare store. The purchase section of our website will automatically redirect you to the right product in the VMware store: The types of licenses and the product’s pricing have not changed and you can expect the same high level of quality of support and maintenance you are accustomed to.

Here is the complete list of changes for VMware InstallBuilder 20.2:

  • Rebranded to VMware InstallBuilder
  • Improved timestamping error detection when signing macOS installers on non-macOS platforms
  • Prevent uninstaller from crashing when failing to check for empty directories because of lack of permissions