Version 19.8.0 and 19.9.0 released

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We recently released version 19.8.0 and 19.9.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

Version 19.9.0

  • Fixed <runProgram> action failing on macOS 10.15 when running in the <postUninstallationActionList>
  • Fixed Asian languages not being properly displayed on macOS 10.15 when running in Qt mode
  • Preserve built-in registry keys wowMode when updating 32bit Windows installations with Windows 64bit
  • Support customizing built-in command-line flags descriptions
  • Fixed signing of big DMGs on Windows

Version 19.8.0

  • Improved <findFile> performance
  • Improved disabled controls look and feel on macOS
  • Improved widgets text wrapping on macOS
  • Added support for HTML licenses in xwindow mode
  • Fixed Gtk and Qt proxy pages duplicating its description text
  • Fixed <queryWMI> returning only a single result in windows-x64 installers
  • Fixed deletion of registry keys when not providing a specific <name> and setting <wowMode> to 32 in windows-x64 installers
  • Updated documentation