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As you might know for the upcoming macOS Catalina (10.15) Apple will require applications signed with a Developer ID to be submitted for notarization. An important requirement for notarization is that the application has a hardened runtime enabled. For that reason InstallBuilder now supports creating macOS signatures with the hardened runtime capability enabled, allowing the installers to be notarized by Apple. Here is an overview of the changes for InstallBuilder 19.6.0

  • Support creating macOS signatures with hardened runtime enabled to allow notarization
  • POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Changed <osxPlatforms> default value to osx-x86_64
  • New installer_http_proxy variable to programmatically access the provided proxy information
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed some Windows configuration attributes not being properly applied to windows-x64 Java launchers
  • Fixed proxy page not honoring the provided configuration when running in text mode
  • Fixed Linux builder failing on some environments with misconfigured time zone
  • Fixed missing localized string