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Version 19.3.0 comes with many improvements, an important one being the new <validatedActionGroup> action which allows you to validate a group of actions and display a configurable abort-retry dialog if an error occurs. This can be useful for example when running your application as a postInstallation action:





            <text>The application failed to launch. Do you want to retry?</text>











Additionally we have added support for Java launchers changing the working directory to the launcher’s directory before proceeding with launching the application by enabling the new <useLauncherDirectoryAsWorkingDirectory> property, as well as support for Windows Server 2019.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • New <validatedActionGroup> action
  • Added <useLauncherDirectoryAsWorkingDirectory> to Java launchers to allow preserving the current working directory on execution
  • Added Windows Server 2019 support
  • Improved documentation
  • Updated zlib dependency on Linux and Windows
  • Fixed macOS installers always exiting with zero code when enabling <requireInstallationByRootUser>
  • Fixed some Builder popups not kept on top when running on macOS
  • Fixed installers aborting at startup on some solaris and linux-ia64 environments
  • Fixed macOS installers incorrectly wrapping text on some languages
  • Fixed custom <uninstallerDirectory> not being removed on macOS
  • Fixed outdated welcome screen
  • Fixed <findFile> returning malformed results when invoked in the installer_directory