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Our latest version update for InstallBuilder is now available. For June the InstallBuilder engineering team has focused on several improvements. Files which have been unpacked by the <unzip> <unpackFile> or <unpackDirectory> actions can now be added to the uninstaller automatically. by enabling the <addToUninstaller> property of these actions. In the following example the extracted files from an <unZip> actions are added to the uninstaller automatically:

<unzip> <zipFile>${installdir}/</zipFile> <destinationDirectory>${installdir}</destinationDirectory> <addToUninstaller>1</addToUninstaller> </unzip>

Another improvement is the added support for generating and signing DMGs over 4GB in size.

Here's an overview of the improvements and bug fixes:

  • Add <addToUninstaller> option to <unzip>, <unpackFile> and <unpackDirectory> actions unpacking files to have them automatically removed by uninstaller
  • Improved generation of DMGs over 4GB
  • Allow signing of DMGs over 4GB
  • Make <propertiesFileSet> add a trailing newline when appending new values
  • Use display language rather than region for auto-detecting language on Windows