Updates and Bug Fixes for July with Version 2017.7.0

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The BitRock engineering team has been busy since the last release, primarily with an update that will make the builder look much better for macOS users with high-res screens. Starting with this release, InstallBuilder will look crisp and clear on Mac laptops and desktop systems with native support for Retina displays.

Here are a few other updates we worked on in July:

  • Added support for macOS High Sierra (10.13)
  • Reduced memory usage when signing large DMG files
  • Improved option files Byte Order Mark (BOM) support
  • Improved <registerWithPackageDatabase> documentation
  • Removed trailing spaces when creating Windows services without arguments
  • Limited number of cores when decompressing lzma-ultra/lzham-ultra with high page sizes on Linux x86
  • Fixed FTP downloads not fully finishing in some environments

As always, make sure you are getting the most out of InstallBuilder and providing your users with the highest quality experience by updating to the latest version of InstallBuilder and InstallBuilder for QT!