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BitRock has released 2017's first new update, with a number of incremental improvements and bug-fixes for 17.1.0. Of particular note is that we added support for Windows Server 2016, so make sure that you get the update if you would like your installers to support that platform natively.

Other improvements include:

  • You can now send data payloads in <httpPost> action, which is helpful in a number of use-cases such as registering new installations with your licensing server or resetting a password. Check the documentation for more details.
  • We improved how errors are handled on Linux when fonts are misconfigured or unsupported by the system.
  • Having discovered that the <runAsShell> property for the <runProgram> action was incompatible with Solaris, we disabled it for that operating system.
  • We fixed DMG verification errors that were triggered in some macOS environments.

We will continue our pattern of rolling out monthly updates throughout 2017 as we execute on the feedback we received in our 2016 user survey and interviews. Make sure you are using the latest version of InstallBuilder or InstallBuilder for Qt today!