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We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of InstallBuilder, available now! In addition to a couple bug fixes, this version includes a new feature to make an initial system validation before starting the auto-update process.

To use this feature, we added a new <autoUpdateInitializationActionList> element that can perform a desired action once an update installer has started. Here’s an example:



    <text>Another instance is running. This instance will abort</text>


      <singleInstanceCheck logic=“is_running” />




In this example, the element checks whether another instance is running using the <singleInstanceCheck> rule and throws an error if it finds one. You can use this element for any number of actions you want to run during the auto-update process.

Here are the other changes for this new version:

  • Fixed <runProgram> failing in some Windows scenarios at build time when invoked from builder-cli
  • Fixed OK button not being properly localized in <showChoiceQuestion> dialog when running in gtk mode
  • Properly set a default value for the <units> property of the <getDiskUsage> action

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