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We recently released version 16.3.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. This version is primarily focused on bug-fixes and enhancements to existing features. However, there is one new time-saving addition that we are excited to announce!

Users are now able to query WMI natively within InstallBuilder. Here’s an example of how that works:


.List all Windows processes that have MyApp in the executable path using WMI









            <where>ExecutablePath LIKE ‘%MyApp%’</where>




            <variables>result_pid result_path</variables>



                    <text>Found process: ${result_path} as ${result_pid}</text>







This will allow multiple services with the same base name to be created in cases, for example, when multiple applications are based on the same framework that runs as a service. If you have any feedback or questions on this new feature, please feel free to let us know in our forums.

The new release also features the following improvements:

  • New <osxApplicationBundleName> and <osxApplicationBundleVersion> properties for Java launchers
  • Improved <infoParameter> look and feel when used inside a <parameterGroup> in Qt mode
  • Improved performance of uninstallation and unpacking process in upgrade mode
  • Options files are now also picked up from the same directory containing the .app bundle on OS X
  • Fixed icons not working properly for CLI-based Java launcher on Windows
  • Fixed <launchBrowser> not properly working on some Windows environments
  • Fixed builder recent files not correctly saved with paths including non-ascii symbols