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We recently released version 9.5.4 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

  • Improved parameters wrapping on gtk mode
  • Added new installer_http_code built-in variable to retrieve the result of HTTP actions
  • Improved performance unpacking folders with a large number of files
  • Reduced time spent in files to pack calculation at build time
  • Reduced TLS initialization time on Windows
  • Added <logonType> to <addScheduledTask> action
  • Added RHEL 7 platform detection
  • Improved <copyFile> action to allow overwriting directories on destination
  • Allow configuring the <username> for which <addUnixDesktopStartUpItem> will add the startup item
  • Allow configuring look and feel behaviour of unselected options in <choiceParameterGroup> parameters
  • Improved component selection page to properly scale with wide installers
  • Fixed issues loading some PNG images on CentOS 7
  • Fixed gtk mode failing to start on RHEL/CentOS 7
  • Fixed encoding errors in environment-manipulation actions
  • Fixed Qt installers not being properly set on top of other windows when launched on some OS X environments