Get Your Installer Ready for OS X Mountain Lion with InstallBuilder 8.5

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InstallBuilder 8.5 is now available and includes support for the latest release of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion. This latest OS X version includes a major change: Gatekeeper is enabled by default. Gatekeeper is a system designed to restrict which sources users can install applications from in order to reduce the chance of inadvertently executing applications containing trojan horses, virus and malware. The default settings will prevent users from running applications that have not been downloaded from the Apple app store or digitally signed by a developer. If your users download an unsigned installer, they will be greeted by a pop-up saying that it can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. They will be unable to install the application unless you modify the system-wide settings.

InstallBuilder 8.5 includes built-in support for signing your installers. If the installers are downloaded from a website, OS X will still prompt your users to confirm whether or not they want to run them, but other than that, they will behave as they have until now.

In addition to support for OS X Mountain Lion and code signing, the InstallBuilder 8.5 also includes the following improvements:

  • Improved performance when building downloadable components
  • Reduced uninstaller creation time on Solaris
  • Fixed dialog failing in some environments
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed required_diskspace built-in variable not properly calculated when enabling
  • Fixed Qt Installers are not properly centered on Windows
  • Prevent the uninstaller from aborting when trying to close the window
  • Fixed and explanation text wrapping
  • Fixed component description label not properly wrapping on some environments
  • Fixed –onlyprojectfiles command line flag not working when using downloadable components

Visit to download or to view a complete changelog.