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We recently released version 7.2.3 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

  • Improved Italian, Czech and Russian language support
  • Added support for HTTP redirects in <httpPost> and <httpGet> actions
  • New –verbose command line flag added to command line builder
  • Added new <endOfLineConversion> tag to file manipulation actions to allow configuring the EOL handling
  • New <fileIsLocked> rule
  • Improved performance of <unpackDirectory> action
  • Improved AutoUpdate to allow configuring its output directory and filename
  • Improved built-in pages language strings to support variables modified at any point at runtime
  • Improved widget alignment in nested parameter groups in qt mode
  • Fixed <addScheduledTask> action failing in some environments
  • Dropped Windows 98 support
  • Added examples for all actions to the documentation
  • Improved deb generation to allow providing custom conffiles files
  • Improved <autodetectJava> action to properly work on OS X 10.7
  • Fixed <shutdown> action failing in some environments
  • Fixed installers failing on OS X with some thirdparty system fonts configuration
  • Improved the file packing filters to support semicolon separated patterns
  • Improved command line builder to support displaying text mode popups when building
  • Improved GUI builder to accept the information provided through the –setvars flag
  • Added new built-in variable installbuilder_ui
  • Allow Arabic language to be selectable through the GUI builder
  • Allow providing short version of registry root keys to registry actions
  • Allow launching scrips from directories containing “&” characters
  • Improved final page text wrapping
  • Fixed some environment variable actions now properly working in some Windows environments

Visit to download or to view our changelog.