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We recently released version 7.2.2 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

  • Updated documentation
  • New Search dialog for GUI Builder XML editor
  • Disabled “Save” and “Save As” menu entries in GUI Builder when no project is loaded
  • Fixed <addEnvironmentVariable> action not properly registering variables in some scenarios.
  • Skipped mirror selection page in AutoUpdate tool when just one option is available
  • New <pathManipulation> action to create absolute paths
  • Fixed <showPasswordQuestion> not saving the password when accepting the dialog by pressing enter
  • Improved <firewallTest> rule to also include default Windows firewall
  • Improved Russian language support
  • New <createWindowsARPEntry> project setting to allow disabling the creation of the Add Remove Programs entry on windows
  • Improved <addScheduledTask> action to support latest Windows versions
  • Added Support for shiftjis encoding on HP-UX in text mode

Visit to download or to view our changelog.