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We recently released version 7.0.3 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

  • Added Czech and Norwegian language support
  • Updated documentation
  • New <globalVariables> action to allow custom actions to modify project level variables
  • Reduced installer startup time on OS X when running in qt mode
  • Provided a default value for installer-language command line flag in the help menu
  • Improved <writeFile> action to accept variables in the <encoding> tag
  • Improved <run> and <show> action properties to accept variables
  • Added support for Bourne shell (sh) in actions related to environment variables
  • Fixed installer refreshing issue when quickly pushing ‘next’ button multiple times on Windows
  • Fixed installer not properly loading images in some environments
  • Properly handle standard streams redirection on Windows Java launchers
  • Fixed AutoUpdate <requireInstallationByRootUser> property not properly working on OS X
  • Improved regular installer registration with RPM database
  • Fixed qt mode post-uninstallation popups not displaying any icon on OS X
  • Fixed GUI XML editor not properly preserving comments

Visit to download or to view our changelog.