BitNami Cloud Hosting is Now Available!

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After several months in private beta, we’re excited to announce that BitNami Cloud Hosting is now generally available and ready for production use. If you’re not familiar with BitNami, it is a site run by BitRock that provides free, ready-to-run installers, virtual appliances and cloud templates for popular open source software. BitNami Cloud Hosting builds on top of BitNami to provide the easiest way to deploy and manage BitNami Stacks and other applications in the cloud.

Sign up and activate your BitNami Cloud Hosting account by midnight Pacific Time this Friday, February 11th to get 3 months of FREE service!

BitNami Cloud Hosting provides:

  • BitNami Stacks in the Cloud: Deploy BitNami Stacks (and other applications) to the cloud with one click. You will get the same integrated, battle-tested and ready-to-run software stacks that you have been using from the site. Great App Selection: BitNami Cloud Hosting offers most of the applications and development stacks in the BitNami library. Available stacks include: SugarCRM, Alfresco, JasperServer, Drupal, Wordpress, Redmine, RubyStack, LAMPStack and many others. Automatic Backups and One Click Server Restores: BitNami Cloud Hosting offers automated backups that can be scheduled to occur hourly, daily or weekly. Backups and not just for the application data, but the whole machine, so configuration and other data is also preserved. This allows for entire servers to be restored in one click. Backups are incremental, which keeps costs low while ensuring that servers can be restored from any point in time. Server Scaling: Change the size of a server as needed with the click of a button. Server Scheduling: Set a schedule for servers to automatically start and stop, reducing computing costs. Automatic Monitoring: BitNami Cloud Hosting provides automatic monitoring out of the box. Multi-Account Management: The BitNami Cloud Hosting control panel enables you to manage applications deployed across several cloud accounts.

View the demo to learn more and sign up by the end of the day this Friday, February 11th for 3 months of free service!