InstallBuilder 6.5.5 Released - View XML Elements via the GUI interface

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We just released version 6.5.5 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release enables the viewing of XML elements via the GUI interface, which makes it easier to develop software installers with InstallBuilder. It also includes the following improvements:

  • New <registryFind> action
  • New options is_type and is_not_type to registryTest rule
  • Implemented new <osxApplicationBundleIcon> project property to configure the icon on OS X
  • Added Java Web Start binary to the list of autodetected targets in <autodetectJava> action
  • Upgrade Autoupdate tool to support high color depth icons
  • Fixed <compareText> description in the GUI
  • Fixed Chinese and Brazillian language autodetection on Unix
  • Improved page wrapping in Gtk custom style
  • Fixed Suse version autodetection failing in some environments

Visit to download or to view our changelog.