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We just released version 6.5.4 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

  • Implemented drag and drop of nodes in the GUI builder
  • Make folders’ <actionList> accessible through the GUI
  • Added OS X service manipulation actions <createOSXService>, <deleteOSXService>, <startOSXService> and <stopOSXService>
  • Added <osxServiceTest> rule to check OS X services state
  • Fixed XML load errors displaying an incorrect line number in some unicode files
  • Implemented new <xmlFileCommentElement> action
  • Improved language autodetection in OS X
  • Added <ordering> tag in <choiceParameter> to specify the display order of the elements
  • Added is_windows_admin_account, is_windows_user_account, is_windows_guest_account to <userTest> rule
  • Properly wrap <booleanParameter> descriptions when used inside a <parameterGroup> on xwindow, win32 and osx modes
  • Improved error when loading an incorrect project to display line number and file
  • Wrap all text mode pages
  • Allow resolving environment variables with parentheses
  • Make <zip> action recursive
  • Fixed InstallBuilder RELAX NG schema
  • Improved keyboard navigation on xwindow mode
  • Fixed incorrect font used in Chinese and Korean languages on Windows
  • Fixed <showQuestionString> failing on OS X
  • Make sure all actions defining variables resolve variables in the variable name
  • Fixed deb/rpm helper binaries permissions
  • Fixed <iniFileGet> action requiring write permissions over the target .ini file
  • Properly handled errors retrieving available disk space
  • Clean unnecessary helper binaries when upgrading Debian packages
  • Added monthly date type in <addScheduledTask> action
  • Make Autoupdate tool to also look for the license in user directory on Windows

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