InstallBuilder 6.5.3 Released - Adds Korean Language Support

Published on

We just released version 6.5.3 of InstallBuilder, which includes the following improvements:

  • Added Korean language support.
  • Changed icon resolution limitations on Windows. Now, any resolution is accepted.
  • Fixed issue with OS X installers failing when requiring Administrative privileges and containing invalid characters in its <fullName>.
  • Make keyboard focus visible in xwindow mode.
  • Fixed issue with uninstaller not being created in some scenarios when launched with a symbolic link.
  • Added support for symbolic links in unzip action.
  • Allow component names to contain underscores.
  • Fixed issue with integer validation failing when dealing with large integers.
  • Allow <permissions> tag in <changePermissions> action to contain variables.

This new release is now available on our website for download.