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We have been hard at work on InstallBuilder and we’re happy to announce that InstallBuilder 6.5.0 is now available. This release includes a long list of improvements, such as:

  • New <consoleWrite> action
  • New mechanism to escape variable references
  • Allow configuring Autoupdate tool proxy through the configuration file
  • New <antivirusTest> and <firewallTest>
  • Added –help menu to the builder
  • Added –license command line flag to the builder to provide an alternative license file
  • Added –debugtrace command line flag to the builder
  • Added –project command line flag to specify a project to load in the GUI builder
  • Improved unattendedModeUI mode to support gtk and qt mode
  • Added <delay> tag to <stopWindowsService> action
  • New windows-x86 platform type check added to <platformTest> rule
  • Fixed refresh issue that affected download rate in Autoupdate Tool, especially on OS X
  • New <runAsAdmin> tag added to shortcuts to mark Windows shortcuts to run as Administrator
  • Improved validation of boolean and integer type settings

To check out all of the new features, download InstallBuilder 6.5 or visit our changelog.