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We recently released version 6.3.1 of InstallBuilder, which includes the following improvements:

  • New <sha1> action
  • New <md4> action
  • New <addDirectoriesToUninstaller> action
  • Added <password> tag to <addUser> action
  • Improved <httpProxyInit> to autodetect system proxy settings
  • Improved RPM integration
  • Improved Qt look and feel on Windows and OS X
  • Validate user provided input for parameters while creating them.
  • Added Windows support for user and group manipulation actions
  • Fixed <registryDelete> failing to delete keys on Windows 64bit
  • Documented windows_os_service_pack
  • Prevent fileTest rule from failing when testing a non-existent link
  • Fixed autoupdate returning update available when check_for_updates was set to ‘0’
  • Fixed Windows 7 not being recognized when Windows 7 Logo Toolkit is installed
  • Fixed symbolic links not being properly packed when included as <distributionFile>
  • Fixed variables not being resolved in some Autoupdate project tags.
  • Fixed error parsing Autoupdate projects containing utf-8 BOM
  • Built-in registry keys are now created in the 64bit view when <windows64bitMode> is enabled
  • Fixed Windows 2008 autodetection failing in some environments

Visit to download or to view our changelog.