InstallBuilder 6.3 Released - Localization and Memory Improvements

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We recently released version 6.3.0 of InstallBuilder, which includes a number of improvements, including the ability to include localized license agreements and set the default installation language based on the previous installation. We have also reduced the memory consumption when unpacking large single-file installers. Other InstallBuilder improvements include:

  • Multiple improvements to CD-ROM installers
  • Allow HTML license files in Qt mode
  • New installer_builder_version and installer_builder_timestamp built-in variables
  • New <httpProxyInit> action to configure proxy to use with http actions
  • New <xmlFileGet> and <xmlFileSet> actions
  • New <addScheduledTask> and <deleteScheduledTask> Windows actions
  • New .password suffix to mask passwords in log messages
  • Support for osx-intel and osx-pcc in platform test
  • Add support for FreeBSD 8
  • Improve the RPM removal process

Visit to download or to view our changelog.