GitHub On-Premise Version Now Available

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Last week, we announced the release of a customer’s new product, GitHub:Firewall Install. Congratulations to our friends at Logical Awesome, the makers of Github, for the very successful launch of their on-premise edition!

If you’re not already familiar with it, GitHub is a wildly popular web application for social coding, with over 80,000 developers already using the site. Built on top of the Git distributed version control system, it makes it easy for distributed teams to collaborate on software development projects.

Until now, GitHub was only available as a service, which made it inaccessible to companies that will not allow their code to be hosted outside of the corporate firewall for security reasons. After seeing increasing demand for an on-site version of their product, the Logical Awesome team approached BitRock to package the new version, GitHub:FI, for easy installation at customer sites.

BitRock developed a completely self-contained installer for GitHub:FI that enables new users to get up and running in just a few mouse clicks. The installer contains all of the software required to run GitHub: Ruby on Rails, JRuby, Solr, Java, Python, Perl, Git, Pygments, OpenSSL and over 30 additional components. It completely automates the installation and configuration process, so no manual setup steps are required. Logical Awesome is also taking advantage of the BitRock Network Service to better inform product development and support.

Want BitRock to make your software that easy to install?

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