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We have a ton of exciting things going on at BitRock and we are looking to expand our team overseas. If you are interested in one of the positions below, please send your CV to [email protected] including a brief paragraph on which position you are applying for and why you would like to work for us.

You would be working mostly with US customers, during US business hours, so ideally you are located in US, Canada or South America. We are looking for smart, get-things-done attitude, responsible developers that enjoy working with open source technologies.

InstallBuilder Support Engineer: You will be supporting InstallBuilder customers, answering usage questions, troubleshooting installation processes, providing proofs of concept and improving our documentation. As you gain more experience, you will take part on the development process of InstallBuilder itself.

Stack Engineer: You will use InstallBuilder and our in-house automated build tools to provide customized integrated stacks for our customers. The stacks commonly include Apache, MySQL, PHP, Tomcat and many different open source projects. This position is a bit difficult to explain, but if you are a distro packager or a sysadmin who likes to automate its work, you will enjoy it. Take a look at BitNami for an example of what the stacks look like

You need to be fluent in a scripting language such as Ruby, Python or Tcl, and familiar with common open source development tools. Interaction with customers is mostly over email so you need to have excellent communication and written english skills. A big chunk of the development team is in Spain, so a bit of Spanglish would not hurt :)