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We released 5.4.8 last week. This release includes a lot of small improvements. You can take a look at the ChangeLog, but here are some highlights:

When you are installing a server application such as MySQL or Tomcat, it is necessary to prompt the user for a specific TCP/IP port in case the default one is in use. You can skip this step simply by using the new action, which allows you to select a free port from a given range. For example, the following snippet will take the first free port in the range 3306 - 3406 :

This release allows you adding regular action lists, such as , , etc. to each in your project file. An for a component will always be executed, but the rest of action lists will only be executed if the component has been selected for installation.

There were some cases in which the installation would abort, but no error code will be returned by the application. This was causing problems when running from unattended scripts, etc. as it would seem that the installation finished correctly when it was not the case. We went over the code and made sure the exit code is the right one in every situation.

Enjoy this release and let us know what else would you like to see in future versions of InstallBuilder