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We are pleased to announce that BitRock InstallBuilder 5.4.7 has been just released. You can find this new version under the following links:

Among its new features you may find:

  • New showProgressDialog action, allows showing an indeterminate progress bar when executing actions.
  • New Relax-NG schema included with InstallBuilder.
  • New examples for actions, components and parameters included with InstallBuilder.
  • Ability to generate 64-bit RPM packages from a Linux-x64 machine.
  • Improved display of slide show images on GTK mode.
  • Fixed uninstaller creation when defaultUnixOwner and requireInstallationByRootUser are set.
  • Improved feedback to the user when an unknown error is detected during the postInstallationActionList.
  • Fixed an error on machine_ipaddr, it was returning multiple addresses on Windows on certain scenarios.
  • New addChoiceOptionsFromText action allows to obtain a list of options from a text source to be inserted into a choice parameter.