LAMP Stack is Improving Healthcare in Developing Nations

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In countries where names are very common and there are no social security numbers, it is next to impossible to keep patient records and even more difficult for medical staff to provide healthcare based on those records.

Gnosis, the developer of an application called Four Corners Medical System, is working to address this issue. The software is designed to improve record keeping capabilities, aggregate patient data for medical research and provide medical support services to national infrastructure in developing countries.The challenge facing Gnosis was the ability to quickly and easily install the application and all its dependencies.Without this functionality, the system would require much more sophisticated knowledge that is not available in the clinics it is meant to help.

Rogers Hellman, the Founder of Gnosis, approached BitRock to build a Custom Stack for the Four Corners Medical System that bundles a ready-to-run LAMP stack ( Apache, MySQL and PHP). The complete software stack is packaged with InstallBuilder, making it fast and easy for anyone to get the software up and running.

With this Custom Stack, Four Corners Medical System has been implemented in five clinics in developing areas of Guatemala and is slated to be implemented in two more this month.We are very happy to be able to contribute our expertise and be a part of the effort to improve health services in developing countries. We hope the ease of installation of Gnosis’ software will enable many more clinics and medical professionals to take advantage of this unique and valuable tool.

To learn more about Gnosis and the effort to enable health care providers in developing nations to better manage medical treatment visit