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We are currently hard at work on the 4.2.0 version of InstallBuilder.

It includes support for FreeBSD 6.0 and Linux on IA64 (Itanium). Although regular FreeBSD 5 and x86 Linux binaries can run ok with compatibility libraries installed, we had customer requests for pure, native ports.

Expanding on the multiple parameters per page feature introduced in InstallBuilder 4.0, you can now arrange parameters on screen. To do so, you can now set the orientation property of a parameterGroup parameter to horizontal or vertical. See the pictures some examples running on Windows and Linux ( Qt mode) and the corresponding XML code. Click on the images to see them full-size.


<parameterGroup orientation="horizontal"> <name>group1</name> <explanation>Please enter the information required to access the remote server</explanation> <title>Remote server configuration</title> <parameterList> <parameterGroup> <parameterList> <stringParameter width="15" name="username" description="Username"> <passwordParameter width="15" name="pass" description="Password" descriptionretype="Retype"> </parameterList> </parameterGroup> <parameterGroup> <parameterList> <stringParameter name="hostname" description="Hostname"> <choiceParameter name="protocol" displaytype="radiobuttons" explanation="Protocol selection"> <optionList> <option text="HTTP" value="http"> <option text="HTTPS" value="https"> </optionList> <default>https</default> </choiceParameter> </parameterList> </parameterGroup> </parameterList> </parameterGroup>