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InstallBuilder 18.5 now available!

The latest official release comes with the following improvements and bug fixes.

As you might know Apple plans to discontinue support for 32 bit apps and is actively warning users of the impending change, with a warning message notifying the user...

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InstallBuilder 18.4.0 Released

InstallBuilder 18.4.0 is now available, it contains the following improvements:

  • Support generating 64-bit binaries on macOS
  • Added initial retina display support for OS X mode when using the 64-bit runtime
  • Fixed final page checkboxes alignment...
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InstallBuilder 18.3.0 Released

InstallBuilder 18.3.0 is now available, it contains the following improvements:

  • Fixed DMG background image not being properly configured in some environments
  • Fixed HTML license text encoding handling in win32 and osx installation modes
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InstallBuilder 17.11.0 and 17.12.0 Releases

We recently released version 17.11.0 and 17.12.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

  • Support generating large DMG files on Linux
  • Improved Java autodetection to fully support Java 9
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InstallBuilder 17.10.0 Released

For October, the InstallBuilder engineering team has been focusing on increasing the speed of the uninstaller, improving Linux OS detection, as well as some bug fixes.

  • Improved uninstallation speed when using GUI
  • Improved Linux OS detection
  • ...
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Updates and Bug Fixes for July with Version 2017.7.0

The BitRock engineering team has been busy since the last release, primarily with an update that will make the builder look much better for macOS users with high-res screens. Starting with this release, InstallBuilder will look crisp and clear on Mac...

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InstallBuilder 17.6.0 Released

June's monthly InstallBuilder release brings a few updates and bug fixes. Make sure that you are always using the latest version, so that your users get the best experience installing your software!

New in InstallBuilder 17.6.0:

  • Added support...
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InstallBuilder Version Update and New Community Platform

Now you're speaking my language

Supporting your users' primary languages is important; it helps ensure that the widest variety of people around the world can start with a good first impression of your software. With this in mind, we have been focused...

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