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InstallBuilder 19.2.0 Released

The recently released 19.2.0 version of InstallBuilder includes an important fix for installers relying on payload encryption. This is an optional feature that enables the password-protection of installers, prompting the end-user for a password at...

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OpenJDK 11 available for download now

BitRock InstallBuilder provides an easy way to embed Java runtime along with your application so that installation of JRE is not required. In order to make the process simple, BitRock is providing a ready to use Java binaries - JRE or JDK - that can...

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InstallBuilder 18.12.0 Released

We recently released version 18.12.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

  • Reduced memory usage building and running big project installers
  • Fixed license page text not properly wrapping in some macOS...
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InstallBuilder 18.10.0 Released

Our latest version update for InstallBuilder is now available. For those of you wanting support for MacOS 10.14 (Mojave), we have good news- it is now supported!

In this update, we also improved detection of Windows system and user folders as well...

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Now Available: InstallBuilder 18.8.0

This month's InstallBuilder release brings a few improvements and bug fixes. Make sure that you are always using the latest version, so that your users get the best experience installing your software!

  • Allowed the debugger to run in all unattended...
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