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We're Hiring!

Having the right people on our team is a key to success in the competitive, dynamic environment of software development. So, we are searching high and low for passionate, talented individuals to join our team in sunny southern Spain in the following...

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Over Half a Million Downloads of BitRock Stacks

We are happy to announce that BitRock open source stacks have been downloaded over 500,000 times. We’d like to thank our customers, whose success has helped to drive our own.

If you aren’t familiar with BitRock Custom Stacks, you can learn more on...

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BitRock @ OSBC

BitRock is proud to be a sponsor of the Open Source Business Conference, which is taking place in San Francisco on May 22nd and 23rd. Erica Brescia will be offering a “sneak peak” demo of our upcoming product on Wednesday the 23rd between 12:15 -12...

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BitRock InstallBuilder 4.3 Released

BitRock InstallBuilder 4.3 was just released. Some of the improvements that made it into this version:

  • Vista look and feel enhancements.
  • Quicklaunch shortcuts on Windows.
  • Russian language support
  • Default language can be set to 'auto' for...
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BitRock @ Mundo Internet

Daniel Lopez (BitRock's founder and CTO) will be giving a talk at the upcoming Mundo Internet conference in Malaga on May 16th ( link). He'll be discussing the advantages of using open source in small businesses, and will be highlighting several commercial...

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BitRock InstallBuilder 4.2 Released

Yesterday, we released v4.2 in InstallBuilder, which includes several new features and bugfixes. You can view our changelog to see a complete list of enhancements, but here are a few highlights:

\* Additional platform support: Linux IA64, FreeBSD...

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OpenBravo - Out of the box, open source, ERP

'Easy to install' is not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Last week, OpenBravo, a web-based, open source ERP solution, released installers built with BitRock technology that make installing...

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Red Herring Europe

Red Herring has announced the Red Herring 200 finalists for their European awards. BitRock was one of the companies selected. It seems we are in good company, including some clients like OpenBravo and our friends at Ring2 (if you live on a BlackBerry...

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Zmanda releases ZMC

Congratulations to the Zmanda folks on the release of the Zmanda Management Console, a slick web-based product that significantly reduces the burden of installation and ongoing management of Amanda servers, especially in complex enterprise environments...

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