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InstallBuilder 5.0 Released

The official 5.0 release of BitRock InstallBuilder is now available for download. We'd like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the beta release. It was very helpful and allowed us to get the official release out quickly. Here are a few of...

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MySQL Enterprise Monitor

Congratulations to MySQL on the Fall release of MySQL Enterprise Monitor

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a pretty impressive application monitoring framework. In addition to raising alerts when necessary and tracking performance over time, also provides...

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InstallBuilder 5.0 Beta Released

We recently released a beta of the upcoming InstallBuilder 5.0. Among other enhancements, this release adds LZMA compression and better integration with Vista. Our testing showed that the new compression algorithm reduces installer size by an average...

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Zach Elko, a participant in Google's Summer of Code has been working on creating an installer for the open source project OpenMRS. OpenMRS began in 2004 in response to the AIDS pandemic and the lack of access to efficiently manage medical information...

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BitRock @ LinuxWorld

As one of the largest and most anticipated events of the year, we’re happy to be attending LinuxWorld 2007. This year’s conference promises to be great with speakersfrom many of the leading open source companies such as MySQL, Alfresco, Zmanda and...

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Announcing InstallBuilder 4.5

Since our last release, we’ve made quite a few changes:

  • Improved readFile and writeFile actions to support different encodings
  • Ability to add and remove Fonts on Windows
  • New linkParameter allows display of actionable links
  • Fix value of...
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LAMP Stack is Improving Healthcare in Developing Nations

In countries where names are very common and there are no social security numbers, it is next to impossible to keep patient records and even more difficult for medical staff to provide healthcare based on those records.

Gnosis, the developer of an...

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Just Released: InstallBuilder 4.4

Updates include:

  • Support for .DEB packaging generation
  • Platform support for FreeBSD 6 - 64 bits
  • New httpPost action, allows passing of parameters
  • New 'scope' property for actions addDirectoryToPath and removeDirectoryFromPath allows to set...
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