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Managing Bundled Files

In this entry we are going to discuss how to manage files bundled within an installer.

It is common to have a separate tool or program that must be bundled with and run from the installer, but before the file copying part of the installation process...

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How to use Rules with InstallBuilder

The installation of your application does not have to be a rigid, linear sequence of actions. For example, maybe you need to copy certain files only if the target platform is Mac or Linux, but not if it is Windows. Or you may want to modify or add...

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How to Use the AutoUpdater in InstallBuilder

In version 6.0 of InstallBuilder, we started shipping a new tool called AutoUpdater . This tool allows you to enable users to check for, download and apply updates for your software on their machines, getting the necessary files through HTTP or FTP...

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How to Add Components and Make them Optional

BitRock InstallBuilder allows you to create cross platform installers that make it easy for end users to install your software. Though users are often presented with a simple 5-click process, the software bundled inside and its configuration are typically...

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How To Integrate Bitrock InstallBuilder with Eclipse

Did you know that it is possible to integrate InstallBuilder into your development environment?

You may already be familiar with the advanced GUI builder that was added in InstallBuilder 6. You can access most InstallBuilder features from the GUI...

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Great Week at JavaOne

We had a great week last week at JavaOne in San Francisco. It was great to meet a number of InstallBuilder customers in person. We also had an opportunity to learn about several cool new startups, including JRapid, which has developed a tool that speeds...

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BitRock Selected Finalist of Spanish 2009 Internet Award

BitRock has been elected as a finalist of the 2009 Internet Awards in the category of best company. This nomination recognizes our work on BitNami and how it enables users of different backgrounds to quickly have up and running blogs, wikis and other...

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