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InstallBuilder 6.2.7 Released

We just released v6.2.7 of InstallBuilder which includes the following improvements:

  • New <useMSDOSPath> property in <runProgram> action to configure whether to use or not 8.3 format in the <program> path
  • Added encoding property in <addTextToFile...
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How to use Custom Build Targets

One of the most useful features of InstallBuilder is the ability to automate the build process. Installers can be built from a command line prompt such as:

installbuilder-6.2.6/bin/builder build /path/to/project.xml linux

The above describes the...

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InstallBuilder Action Lists

Creating an installer is not as straightforward as most people think. This is especially the case for more sophisticated configurations, such as when you need to execute different platform-specific actions at different stages of the installation process...

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Unattended Mode

As you may know, installers generated with InstallBuilder provide different execution modes using the command line option "–mode". The mode "unattended" is particularly useful when we need to incorporate installations into an automated process. With...

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InstallBuilder 6.2.4 Now Available

We just released version 6.2.4 of InstallBuilder our crossplatform installation and automatic update tool. The new release includes several enhancements, such as an improved builder tool on Mac OS X x86 and unattended install support for the autoupdate...

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Bundle Tomcat in Your BitRock InstallBuilder installer

If you develop a Java Web Application, you may want to create an installer and redistribute Tomcat together with your software. This allows your users to avoid the time-consuming process of installing and configuring Tomcat in order to use your software...

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